Winter is The Season For Plastic Surgery

Winter is a popular time for plastic surgery—and a Mommy Makeover is no exception. After the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, Dr. Bachelor sees a number of women who are hoping to take advantage of the winter months and finally restore their post-baby bodies.

While the bay area may lack a traditional white winter, the days do grow shorter, the sun shines less, and temperatures drop. If you have been contemplating a Mommy Makeover, there are certainly some perks to choosing the winter.

Why Choose Winter?

Ample Recovery Time

Allowing yourself a healthy recovery period is essential for proper healing and beautiful results. Many of our patients are fortunate to have extra time off in the winter months—making it is the perfect time to recover from their Mommy Makeover without having to use up their vacation days.

Help Around the House

With your significant other off work, the kids out of school, and relatives in town for a visit—for many, the Holidays mean a full house. Our advice to you, take advantage of the extra help. Your activities need to be kept to a minimum for the first few days after your Mommy Makeover. Having others around to watch your kids, prepare meals, and to help with household chores is amazingly helpful.

Sweater Weather

Your winter wardrobe makes it easy to hide any lingering side effects. Buried under layers of sweaters, coats, and scarves, post-surgical swelling is easily concealed, as are the surgical dressings and compression garments that you may be required to wear. Heavier clothing can also cleverly disguise the sudden changes of your Mommy Makeover—allowing you to subtly reveal your restored figure.

This year, we at Eastbay Aesthetics encourage you to take advantage of the winter season. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Bachelor to learn more about your Mommy Makeover options.

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