Breast Implant Removal

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Breast Implant Removal

Many women are looking for ways to enhance their appearance, quality of life, and health. For some who underwent breast augmentation to meet these goals, they may have deicded that breast implants are no longer fulfilling their needs. 

Women who decide upon a breast implant removal may feel like their breast augmentation surgery is not serving their purpose any longer. Breast implant removal is a solution for women looking to address that concern, discomfort, and/or dissatisfaction with their breast appearance. Dr. Eric P. Bachelor, MD, FACS is a board-certified plastic surgeon who can help meet your goals when it comes to breast implant removal.


Deciding to have breast implants removed is a very personal choice. There are many benefits to having breast implants removed. Following an implant removal, patients may experience increased physical comfort, self-esteem, quality of life, overall health, and/or lessened concerns related to breast implants. Dr. Bachelor is available to help you realize your breast implant removal goals! Contact East Bay Aesthetic Surgery today to schedule your implant removal surgery. 


Due to the individualized nature of a breast implant removal and the specific needs of the patient, results will vary between patients. Many patients are extremely satisfied with the results of their breast implant removal surgery. Patients will have a noticeably smaller bust and can expect to realize the benefits of the implant removal including a less prominent silhouette, greater comfort, and a significant boost in self-confidence.  


Following a breast implant removal, many patients report an easier recovery process compared to their initial breast augmentation surgery. Typically, women may return to work after the 5th day post-op and experience only minor discomfort. Depending on the extent of the surgery, patients may experience a longer recovery period. Patients should avoid heavy lifting and strenuous activity for about 3 weeks following breast implant removal. Dr. Bachelor will provide  you with any additional post-operative directions and what may be expected during the initial consultation. 


breast implant removal candidates

Ideal patients are in overall good health, do not smoke, and wish to remove their implants because of reasons that resonate with them. They do not wish to undergo breast implant removal because of the requests or desires of others. 

Candidates for a breast implant removal are women who may be dissatisfied with their current breast implants. A number of women are looking to have their breast implants removed. They may have health concerns, discomfort or desire to make their breasts more proportionate to the rest of the body. 

Patients looking to have breast implant removal surgery may be experiencing a condition called capsular contracture. The scar tissue which forms around an implant in the breast pocket becomes hardened and tight, squeezing the breast implant. This causes the affected breast(s) to look distorted. For some patients, capsular contracture may be uncomfortable or painful, warranting removal. 

Breast implants are not lifetime medical devices.

While breast implants are FDA-approved, it is recommended that breast implant be removed or replaced every 10-20 years. This is to minimize any loss of integrity of the implant while in the body. Also, there is potential for implant rupture causing the breast tissue to come in contact with the silicone gel contents of the implant or cause an obvious deflation of a saline implant. In these instances, breast implant removal is required.



Breast Implant Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) is not a cancer of the breast tissue, but rather of the immune system. It is a type of non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. In 2019, an association was made between BIA-ALCL and textured breast implants. When detected early, the very rare BIA-ALCL is curable in most patients. 

BIA-ALCL is detected within the space between the breast implant and the wall of the capsule that forms around the implant. Women may notice the affected breast(s) becomes firm to touch, painful, swollen, and/or inflamed.1 

Breast Implant Illness 

Breast Implant Illness

Breast Implant Illness (BII) is not a formal medical diagnosis. However, it is a syndrome of symptoms that affect some women with breast implants. The symptoms can be found in the general population at any given time, not making the symptoms unique to breast augmentation patients. Women self-identify as having BII report a cluster of symptoms that may include, but are not limited to, headache, chills, fatigue, pain, anxiety, and sleep disturbance. Individuals with all types of implants may self-identify as having BII. This includes smooth, textured, round, anatomical, saline, and silicone implants.2


When health concerns are driving your decision to have your breast implants removed, an en bloc capsulectomy can ease some of the worry. Dr. Bachelor can remove implants en bloc to avoid contamination of the surrounding breast tissue. An en bloc capsulectomy is a surgical procedure where the breast implant is removed from the breast pocket while still enclosed in the naturally occuring scar tissue, or capsule. The implant and capsule are removed in one “package.”

Dr. Bachelor can help to provide you with a peace of mind when it comes to your health and breast implants. If you are looking to have your breast implants removed, contact East Bay Aesthetic Surgery today to schedule a private consultation in Pleasanton or Danville.

Breast Implant Removal Consultation

If you are looking to address your questions and concerns about breast implant removal, Dr. Bachelor is here to assist you on this journey. During a private, one-on-one consultation with Dr. Bachelor, you will have the opportunity to discuss your goals for breast implant removal. Dr. Bachelor will explain the procedure and inquire about your medical and health history. Then he will conduct a physical examination of your breast(s). 

Using his expertise and talent to inform how he plans to approach your unique case, Dr. Bachelor will create a customized treatment plan for you.

This may include various possible incisions for removal and strategy to meet your individual goals, such as en bloc capsulectomy. Dr. Bachelor will discuss his procedure plan with you during the consultation. 

Dr. Bachelor will provide you with pre- and post-operative instructions during the consultation prior to surgery. To ensure a safe and successful breast implant removal, it is imperative that you follow his instructions closely. 

Complementary Procedures

Dr. Bachelor will share his professional medical opinion with patients in the event they wish to address the deflation of the breast tissue following breast implant removal surgery. Dr. Bachelor will work with patients to achieve their aesthetic goals. This  may include the following possible procedures:

Mastopexy (Breast Lift)

Mastopexy (Breast Lift)

Breast lift surgery will remove the excess breast tissue to mitigate sagging and drooping breasts. Dr. Bachelor will remove the lax skin and reposition the nipple-areolar complex higher on the chest. The remaining breast tissue will be redistributed within the breast envelope, giving patients a fuller breast profile and improved cleavage.   

Implant Replacement or Revision

Implant Replacement or Revision

Replacing breast implants can be performed for a plethora of reasons. Dissatisfaction with size, type, or shape of implants can drive women to change their current breast implants. Also, women may experience breast implant rupture or capsular contracture. Dr. Bachelor may utilize the same incisions from the patient’s prior surgery to replace the current implant(s), minimizing any visible scarring. Replacement or revision can give the patient the silhouette that better suits their body, giving them an extra boost in confidence! Women may choose to change types of implants, ie. changing from Silicone Gel to Saline filled implants, or textured to smooth implants.

Fat Transfer to Breasts

Fat Transfer to Breasts

Some women who decide to have their breast implants removed can opt for fat transfer to breasts. Fat transfer can help to recover some of the volume that is lost after breast implant removal. Dr. Bachelor will take fat from donor sites, such as the abdomen, flanks, thighs, and back, through the use of liposuction. From there, the harvested fat will be purified and reinjected into the breasts. Fat transfer to breasts can provide patients with long-lasting results to augment a breast implant removal. Fullness of the bust can be achieved, maintaining a natural-looking, feminine figure.

Breast Implant Removal Cost

Due to the individualized nature of breast implant removal surgery, price will vary between patients. If it is determined that you are a candidate for breast implant removal surgery, you will be provided with a detailed cost breakdown during the private consultation. 


Prior to the breast implant removal procedure, Dr. Bachelor will mark your breasts with a surgical marker. This will identify anatomical landmarks, incision sites, and where any adjustments to the breast pocket may need to be made if undergoing a revision. He will review the treatment plan with patients during this time. The patient will receive appropriate anesthesia to ensure their comfort throughout the procedure. 

During surgery, Dr. Bachelor will make the necessary incisions and remove the implant(s) using the prescribed method, such as en bloc capsulectomy. Once the implant is removed, the incision will be closed, a breast lift procedure may follow, or a new implant or harvested fat will be inserted. The procedure to follow removal will depend on the patient’s customized treatment plan.  



Breast implant removal is a personalized procedure that is dependent on the goals and needs of the patient. Because of this, cost may be significantly different between patients. For an individualized price, contact East Bay Aesthetic Surgery today for a private consultation for your breast implant removal.


During your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Bachelor, you will have an opportunity to have your concerns addressed by a board-certified plastic surgeon. He will approach your case with empathy and expertise, making you feel comfortable during the process. Dr. Bachelor will discuss your options and any additional measures that may need to be taken to ensure your health. To have your questions answered by a skilled and knowledgeable plastic surgeon, contact Dr. Eric P. Bachelor today for a private consultation in Pleasanton or Danville.

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