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Buttock Lift Plastic Surgery

Have you recently undergone significant weight loss or are noticing the effects of time on your backside? A butt lift can help improve the appearance of your buttocks while augmenting its natural contours. Through fat transfer to buttocks, this is possible.

During a consultation in either Pleasanton or Danville, the staff at East Bay Aesthetic Surgery can help you determine if a butt lift or some other combination of post-weight loss procedures will meet your needs. We’ve helped both women and men in the Bay Area achieve their appearance goals following major weight loss.

We see patients from all over California and the U.S. Many of Dr. Bachelor’s patients come from the Bay area, but also as from the Tri-valley area and beyond, including Lafayette, Alamo, Walnut Creek, Danville, Dublin, Pleasanton, Livermore, Palo Alto, Mountain View, and San Jose. Everyone is welcome at East Bay Aesthetic Surgery!

About Buttock Lift

With a bum lift, you can enhance the shape and profile of your buttocks. This surgical procedure will remove excess skin and tissue and lift your buttocks to a higher position. Buttock augmentation surgery will revitalize your appearance and help to return a youthful profile to your appearance.

Dr. Bachelor is a board-certified plastic surgeon who graduated from Stanford University.

He has been practicing a plethora of plastic surgery techniques for many years. Dr. Bachelor strives for excellence, something the Consumers’ Research Council of America recognized when they nominated him as one of America’s top plastic surgeons. If you are interested in a safe buttock enhancement treatment, Dr. Eric Bachelor is an excellent, trustworthy surgeon to perform the procedure!

Before and After Photos

Benefits of Buttock Lift

A bum lift will greatly improve your appearance. Some of the common benefits enjoyed by our patients are:

  • Improved gluteal shape, size, and definition. This treatment will reshape your buttocks, helping to achieve a younger, more shapely result.
  • Better self-confidence and body image. Patients often experience a boost in confidence after they have regained their youthful profile!
  • A normalized body shape after major weight loss. A large weight loss can leave large amounts of excess skin around your body. A common area for excess skin to gather is your buttocks. A large weight loss will likely leave your buttocks flat-looking. Patients may be embarrassed or uncomfortable with these results.

If you have lost a large amount of weight you should be feeling good about your body. An excellent way to show off your results and hard work is with a butt lift!

Is A Buttock Lift Right For Me?

Both men and women can greatly benefit from a buttock lift. If you are unsatisfied with your backside and are looking for a way to improve the shape, volume, and location of your bum, a buttock lift is your best solution! Dr. Bachelor will perform a natural bum lift that restores the buttocks while maintaining the natural position and shape. 

This surgical procedure will transform your appearance. For a safe, transformational bum augmentation, contact our office today for a personal consultation!

Personal Consultation

In your personal meeting with Dr. Bachelor, you will have the opportunity to discuss your concerns and desired aesthetic. He will be attentive and ask about past procedures, allergies and your current medications to get a good understanding of your general health. He will perform a physical examination of your buttocks, which will include photographs and measurements to better strategize your treatment. 

Dr. Bachelor will walk you through the surgery, potential risks, recovery process, and expected results. We encourage our patients to ask lots of questions and voice any concerns. Below we have a guideline of questions meant to address popular topics and help surface your own curiosities.

  • Do you have before-and-after photos of butt lifts?
  • Do you think any of these photos are similar to my situation?
  • How long do you suggest I take off from work?
  • When will I see my final results?
  • Will these results be long-lasting?
  • Is recovery uncomfortable?
  • Are stitches used and, if so, when will they be removed?

These questions should help you navigate your own concerns and thoughts. Towards the end of your consultation, you and Dr. Bachelor will pick out a time and date for the surgery. He will instruct you how to prepare for the surgery and recovery process.


There a few ways to prepare for your surgery and recovery. For your best results, you will need to follow Dr. Bachelor’s instructions. 

  • Set up a recovery area. This area should be complete with extra pillows and all your necessities within arms reach. This includes prescription medications, snacks, water, and entertainment. Having a designated space that is ready for you when you get home from the hospital will improve your recovery.
  • Enlist help. It will help to have a friend around after surgery to help you adjust to movement. Remember, you won’t be able to drive while on pain medication so if you need to go anywhere you will need assistance. You will also need a ride home after you have been released from the hospital., Make sure someone is available to transport you and stay with you the first night of your recovery.
  • Wear comfy clothes. The morning of your appointment you will want to shower and dress in loose, comfy pants that won’t apply pressure to the treated area.

These are just some helpful tips on how to prepare for the impacts of surgery. For best results follow Dr. Bachelor’s instructions and call our office if you have any questions.

Buttock Lift Techniques

Butt lift surgery is an inpatient surgery requiring an overnight stay in the hospital or surgical suite. We begin the procedure by administering a general anesthetic, so you sleep through the operation. An incision is placed along your lower back. Then we elevate the loose skin that resides below the incision, which lifts and contours the buttock and thigh area(s). Any remaining skin is then trimmed away and the incisions are closed with dissolvable sutures.

Post Operation Recovery

Recovering from a butt lift

Typical recovery time is about 2-4 weeks after butt lift surgery. You may experience discomfort for the first several days of recovery and will require help around the house as you heal. Prescription pain medication will help you manage discomfort during this time. Drains will be placed to help remove excess fluids. Dr. Bachelor or his staff will inform you how to care for these drains.

Surgical dressings are typically removed within two to three days of surgery, at which point most patients regain most normal mobility. A supportive garment will need to be worn to help your bum heal properly and to help it adjust to its new shape. This garment will need to be worn for a few weeks until your backside is healed. Follow-up appointments will help Dr. Bachelor monitor your recovery and make any adjustments to ensure a healthy healing process.


You will immediately notice a difference in your backside. These results will improve as swelling decreases and your body adjusts to its new contours and placement. Every patient has a unique body and will experience a different recovery timeline. Final results will be noticeable after a few months.

After this treatment, patients enjoy lifted perkier buttocks. These results are long-lasting and with an active, healthy lifestyle will last for years!

Complementary Procedures

Butt fat transfer

A fat transfer buttock augmentation is a common enhancement technique and is referred to as a Brazilian Butt Lift. This treatment reshapes the buttocks while enhancing the shape further. The fat transfer element makes up for any lost volume and reshapes the buttocks. A fat transfer occurs either in a separate appointment or before your buttock lift surgery. A fat transfer is performed with liposuction techniques and syringes. 

In your personal consultation with Dr. Bachelor, you will have the opportunity to discuss the benefits of combining a butt lift with a fat transfer. The Brazilian Butt Lift technique removes fat from an area in the body that has excess fat stores, commonly the love handles and lower back. Once the area has been agreed upon and examined by Dr. Bachelor, a treatment plan will be developed and an appointment scheduled. 

A fat transfer is performed with either local or general anesthetic and small tools. Miniscule incisions will be placed in your predetermined area(s) and Dr. Bachelor will gently remove fat cells with a cannula (thin hollow tube) topped with an aspirator (a suction device).

Once your fat has been collected, it will be purified and placed in syringes. The fat will be strategically injected into your upper buttocks to improve the volume and texture of your backside. The fat placement will also enhance the appearance of your lift. For your best results, you will need to avoid sitting for up to three weeks. Avoiding pressure on your backside will help your bum adjust to its new shape. A fat transfer buttock augmentation provides naturally-enhanced improvements to your appearance. If you want a perky backside, a buttock lift combined with a fat transfer will give you the results you desire!


If you’re interested in a butt lift, we invite you to visit our Bay Area plastic surgery office for a consultation with plastic surgeon Dr. Bachelor. The consultation provides the ideal opportunity to learn about the procedure as it pertains to your individual goals. Dr. Bachelor will review the options and determine if the butt lift is right for you. Call our office at 925-462-3700 or click here to schedule your visit today.

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