Breast Procedures

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Breast Augmentation


The breast implant augmentation procedure is the most popular cosmetic plastic surgery in the world today. For more information about breast augmentation, breast implants, or breast enhancement in general, click here.

Breast Implant Revision


Breast implant revision is designed to correct any issues a patient may have with their current breast implants. For example, if you have experienced a rupture or leak in your implant, Dr. Bachelor would recommend a breast implant revision to correct this issue. If you want to learn more about breast implant revision, click here.

Breast Lift


If your breasts have started to sag or droop due to age, you might want to consider breast lift surgery. This breast procedure is designed specifically to correct the issue of sagging breasts. Although this procedure doesn’t use breast implants, it can be (and often time is) combined with a breast augmentation. To learn more about the breast lift, click here.

Breast Reconstruction


Breast reconstruction is designed to help women achieve their best look either after an accident, after mastectomy (breast cancer surgery) or after lumpectomy. Today’s breast reconstruction methods are extremely advanced and can help you get back to your feminine look. To learn more about breast reconstruction, click here.

Breast Reduction Surgery


For women who have overly large breasts and struggle with finding clothes that fit right, back pain, or neck pain, breast reduction surgery is a great option. Many women agree that this procedure is essential if you deal with any issues caused by your larger breast size. If you want to learn more about breast reduction, click here.

Ideal Breast Implants


When choosing to undergo breast augmentation surgery, one of the most important decisions you will make is which breast implants to use for your procedure. There are many different types of implants, each offering a different size, material, shape, profile, and feel. One of the implant options we recommend at Eastbay Aesthetic Surgery is the Ideal Implant.

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