Will a Breast Lift Look Natural?

The shape and perkiness of breast tissue can change as a result of natural aging, breastfeeding, and weight loss. For women who want to restore the tightness of their breast tissue, a breast lift can be the best cosmetic surgery option. Learn more about the benefit of this breast procedure before your consultation with Eric P. Bachelor, M.D., at East Bay Aesthetic Surgery in Pleasanton, CA. 

Will a Breast Lift Look Natural?

The results of a breast lift will look natural, primarily because no artificial volume is added to the breasts during this procedure. Unlike breast augmentation with implants, a lift procedure removes excess skin to tighten the breast tissue. Ultimately, this means that the overall volume of your breasts does not change after this procedure, and because implants are not used, the results will look and feel natural.

What Are the Benefits of This Procedure?

Aside from the natural-looking and natural-feeling results you can achieve with this procedure, there are several other benefits that patients find attractive. Some of these benefits include improving the shape of the breasts, correcting asymmetry, and lifting the overall position of the breasts. This procedure can also elevate the nipple and areola to create a more youthful breast appearance.

Another benefit of this procedure is that it can be easily combined with other breast augmentation procedures. A lift is most commonly combined with breast implants, but you may be able to use a fat transfer to the breasts along with a lift to moderately enhance your breast appearance. If you want to combine multiple breast procedures, please discuss these goals with Dr. Bachelor during your consultation. 

How Long Does This Procedure Take?

In general, a lift procedure will take one to two hours to complete, although you may spend about five hours at the hospital or surgery center where your procedure is performed. Like other breast procedures, IV sedation is the most common form of anesthesia used during your surgery. For this reason, you will need to have a ride home after your procedure, and you may even want to arrange for at-home care for at least a day.

How Should You Prepare for Surgery?

About one to two weeks before your procedure, you may need to stop using tobacco products and alter your normal medication regimen if you are taking any medications or supplements that have blood-thinning side effects. A few days before your surgery, you should abstain from consuming alcohol. You should pick up prescriptions and prepare a recovery zone in your home before your procedure.

On the day of your surgery, you should not consume any food or beverages for at least eight hours. You will be able to take small sips of water before your surgery, particularly if you need to take morning medications as prescribed. You should dress comfortably in clothes that do not require your arms to be lifted above your head. 

What Should You Do After Surgery?

After your procedure, many of your activities will be restricted for several weeks. Most women will be able to go back to work after one week, but strenuous activities such as lifting and vigorous exercise will need to be avoided for at least three to six weeks. To stay lightly active, you can walk around your house for 10 to 20 minutes every few hours to keep your circulatory system active.

You will be given directions on how to care for your incisions, such as avoiding water on the surgical site for a few days. During your recovery, you will need to wear a compression garment or bra to reduce swelling and promote healing. The compression garment may need to be worn for about six weeks after your procedure. You should purchase multiple bras before your procedure. 

How Long Does Recovery Take?

The total recovery time after a lift procedure is usually around six weeks. You will need to attend several follow-up appointments with Dr. Bachelor during this time to ensure you are healing well after your procedure.

How Long Do Results Last?

The results of a lift procedure can last for several years. However, this procedure does not halt the natural aging process, and eventually, skin aging will cause breast tissues to loosen over time. As you get older, your body produces less and less collagen and elastin, which will result in loose or sagging breast tissue and skin.

Women who have smaller breasts may be able to enjoy the results of this procedure for longer since there is less weight from the breasts pulling on the skin. Women who have larger or heavy breasts may notice the results of the procedure do not last as long. In an effort to help you get long-lasting results, you may be encouraged to have a breast reduction procedure before a breast lift. 

Who Are Good Candidates?

Candidates for this procedure are women who have a sufficient amount of breast tissue and loose skin that can be removed to tighten and lift the breasts. Women who are ideal for this procedure include those who are healthy, realistic, emotionally stable, and committed to a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is an important factor since the volume of the breasts alters in relation to body weight, and gaining a lot of weight after your procedure can negatively impact your results in the long run.

Before you can schedule your procedure, you may need to complete blood tests and a breast cancer screening to ensure you are healthy enough for this procedure. If you have no other breast-related medical conditions and are deemed healthy enough for surgery, your surgery date can be scheduled following your consultation.

Restore the Youthfulness of Your Breasts 

If you want to restore the symmetry, texture, and youthful position of your breasts, a lift procedure can be an ideal option. The biggest benefit of this procedure is that the results will look totally natural since the procedure tightens the skin without adding artificial breast volume. If you think you are a good candidate for this procedure, contact us at East Bay Aesthetic Surgery, in Pleasanton, CA.

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