Help Your Heart with Liposuction

Liposuction is often thought to be a purely aesthetic procedure. Known more for its waist-whittling ways—we overlook the benefits that it may have on our health. A study put out by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reveals the possibly heart-healthy benefits of liposuction. Researchers found that after liposuction, there is a reduction in both triglycerides and white blood cells, which are associated with heart attacks, obesity, strokes, and high blood pressure.

Study Says

Studying 322 patients undergoing liposuction, researchers measured the effect that liposuction had on cholesterol, triglycerides, and white blood cells. While cholesterol levels did not change, the latter two showed a dramatic decrease—post liposuction, patients with high levels of triglycerides showed an average reduction of 43% and an 11% decrease in white blood cells. Results were consistent in both men and women.

Triglycerides: When it comes to heart health, triglycerides are an important measure. As a type of fat (lipid) in the blood, high triglyceride levels increase your risk of cardiovascular disease. Triglycerides are formed as the body converts and stores unused calories. Triglycerides become harmful at high levels—caused by consistently consuming and storing more calories than you burn.

White Blood Cells: High levels of white blood cells are associated with inflammation and have been linked to coronary heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and hypertension.

Is Liposuction Right for You?

Liposuction is best suited for healthy men and women. A body contouring procedure, liposuction can safely be performed on various parts of the body including:

  • Face (including the chin and neck)
  • Abdomen & Back
  • Buttocks
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Calves and Ankles

At Eastbay Aesthetic Surgery, we fully understand the importance that liposuction can have on your health as well as your physique. By removing unwanted and unhealthy fat, you are in turn helping your physical health. Whereas fat fluctuates due to our lifestyle choices—with liposuction, harmful fat is permanently removed. That said, liposuction is not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle. It is imperative to eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly. Dr. Bachelor finds that patients with realistic expectations are the most satisfied with their results.

Look and Feel Good with Dr. Bachelor

When we think of liposuction, we do not often think of heart health. But, as this study shows, liposuction can do just that. Would you benefit from liposuction? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Bachelor to learn more.

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