What To Expect From Your Breast Augmentation Recovery in Danville

Now is one of the most popular times for plastic surgery procedures such as breast enhancement and body contouring. As the most popular plastic surgery procedure in the country, we expect that many women are preparing to undergo breast augmentation for a new look this year. Through the years of working together with women who have chosen to receive breast implants, there is no question that one of their main concerns is the recovery period.

Breast Augmentation Recovery in Danville

As with any surgery, breast augmentation will require each woman to undergo a short period of recovery. One of the upsides of the procedure is that surgery itself normally takes just about an hour, and you are able to return home afterward under the care and supervision of an adult. That means no worrying about spending the night at the hospital. Just don’t try to drive home yourself – the effects of the anesthesia will last for a while, and can affect judgment.

For the first few weeks, it is normal to experience a bit of soreness and some swelling, but most women are able to return to work in five to seven days, and resume normal activity in two weeks to a month — a much shorter recovery period compared to some other common procedures. However, make sure to check with us before starting to exercise again or participate in higher levels of activity.

What Happens To The Scars?

During your surgery, I will make an incision either along the crease below your breast, around the rim of the areola, or in the pit of your arm in order to keep scarring minimal. At first, you will experience some swelling, bruising, and redness, but these will all fade over time to reveal a minimal scar and natural-looking results.

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