3 Ways Facelift Surgery Can Rejuvenate Your Look

If injectable filler treatments or other non-surgical facial procedures are no longer working for you to reverse the signs of aging, consider the benefits of Facelift. A facelift offers long-term results and can address some of the many of the telltale signs of aging. You can finally say goodbye to sagging skin and deep wrinkles with a procedure that tightens loose skin and restores your youthful contours.

Here are just three of the ways facelift surgery can rejuvenate your look:

#1: Dramatically Improve Deep Lines and Wrinkles

If your skin is not responding well to injectable fillers — or you are tired of getting frequent touch-up treatments — surgery may be the best way to rejuvenate your look for the long-term. A facelift can tighten up and smooth out the skin around common problem areas.

#2: Tighten Sagging Skin

Sagging facial tissues around the jaw line, mid-face, and forehead may be making you look tired or older than you actually are. Facelift surgery can be very effective for tightening up sagging skin and enhancing your natural facial contours. For example, tightening up loose skin around the cheeks and neck can bring out your cheekbones and enhance your jaw line. This can take years off your appearance and give your facial profile more definition.

#3: Tightens Facial Muscles

Weak facial muscles combined with sagging skin can add years to your appearance. Facelift surgery not only involves tightening up loose skin, but also rearranging the underlying structure of the face so that the muscles are positioned in the right place. This will naturally reduce tension on the skin and create a fresh, youthful appearance. Restoring the position of the facial muscles can make the results of your procedure last that much longer and enhance your look.

A facelift is the answer for many patients troubled by sagging skin and deep wrinkles that have become difficult to hide. If you are ready to rejuvenate your look, schedule your facelift surgery consultation with Dr. Bachelor today!

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