What Should You Avoid After Kybella?

At the offices of Eric P. Bachelor, MD, FACS, in Pleasanton and Danville, CA, we’re eager to help patients look their best. That’s why we proudly recommend Kybella San Francisco CA for men and women who want to eliminate extra padding under their chins. Using targeted injections, we can restore contours to your chin and neck to help you look slimmer and more youthful. And the best part is you’ll enjoy permanent results.

What Should You Avoid After Kybella?

Treatment is pretty straightforward, but you can help yourself heal more quickly – and see results sooner – by following some simple recommendations. For example, patients need to avoid vigorous exercise for three to five days after treatment. If you normally head to the gym for physical activity, you might want to change up your routine and do some brisk walking during this time instead.

You should also stay out of the sun and avoid heat exposure for five days. This means no tanning beds, saunas, or hot tubs. Heat can cause sweating that may irritate your injection sites. For about two days, we also recommend you skip:

  • NSAIDs like Motrin
  • Steroids (prednisone)
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Refined carbohydrates
  • Foods high in sugar and sodium
  • Spicy foods

Do Not Evaluate Your Results Too Soon

This injectable needs some time to have an effect on the body. It’s therefore important not to judge your results too early. We can’t see the process as it’s happening, but Kybella starts killing fat cells as soon as it’s injected. Your chin will start to look more sculpted about four to six weeks after that first treatment.

Avoid Rubbing Your Face

You will likely want to touch your chin after treatment to see if it feels different, but it’s best to abide by a no-hands policy. Even after washing, hands contain bacteria that are best kept off your face. This means no massaging, manipulating, or rubbing your chin for five days.

Also avoid chemical peels, facials, and laser treatments for 14 days. You want to give this area plenty of time to heal. What you can do is shower and use a gentle facial cleanser as part of your skincare routine.

Watch Your Supplements

Certain supplements can interfere with the healing process and prolong your results. It’s best to therefore avoid the following:

  • Vitamins A and E
  • Cod liver oil
  • Flax oil
  • Garlic
  • Gingko Biloba
  • Niacin

Don’t forget to read the label on your multivitamin; if you see any of those ingredients listed above, set it aside momentarily. You can resume your normal vitamin routine within a week. And if you have questions about supplements appropriate for your health, feel free to speak with a member of our staff.

What Exactly Is This Treatment?

This injectable is made of deoxycholic acid that destroys fat cell walls. It works on cells it comes into contact with, rendering them unable to continue holding fat. The cells then break open and spill their contents. The dead cell fragments turn into waste and get cleaned by your lymph system and blood. They are then metabolized and eliminated by the body to give you a more sculpted chin.

Deoxycholic acid (DA) may sound menacing, but it occurs naturally in the body; it’s a salt found in bile that helps digest fat. Kybella is composed of a synthetic DA that works in the same way as the compound produced by your body. You can therefore trust treatment is both safe and effective.

Why Is Treatment Specifically for the Chin?

Submental fat, or a double chin, is notoriously difficult to eliminate. The body burns fat in unpredictable ways, meaning we cannot dictate extra padding in one area be metabolized more quickly than that in another area. And once submental fat sets in, it’s usually there for the long haul.

While a double chin is often associated with weight gain, a person does not have to be overweight to have one. Loose skin caused by aging as well as genetics can also contribute to submental fat. And just to show how common this is, the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery indicates over two-thirds of adults have submental fat. It is a problem that in fact affects more people than wrinkles and fine lines.

When Diet and Exercise Aren’t Enough

Our bodies need a certain amount of fat to survive, including subcutaneous fat stored below the skin and visceral fat that protects organs. Visceral fat can become a problem, however, when you have too much. Some people have excess padding even when they exercise and eat nutritious, wholesome foods. This is often owed to a person’s genetic makeup; some people hold fat simply because of the way their bodies are made.

To further complicate matters, different people often hold fat in different places, such as under the chin. This is when Kybella San Francisco CA becomes highly desirable; it melts away excess fat that can add years to your face. By restoring natural contours, treatment makes you look younger and fresher. Additional benefits include the following:

  • No incisions or downtime are required
  • Treatment is comfortable and well-tolerated
  • Injections can be completed in mere minutes
  • Results can develop after just one treatment

Permanent Results

Most cosmetic treatments require touch-up sessions to maintain results. But this injectable is different; after completing your treatment plan, you will not need additional sessions. In other words, results are permanent once they develop.

Unlike other cells in the body that frequently die and get replaced, the number of fat cells you have remains constant. These cells are established during adolescence and don’t change through adulthood. This is true whether you gain or lose weight; it’s not that you acquire or lose fat cells, but that they expand and shrink with weight fluctuations.

After Treatment

Kybella San Francisco CA injections are placed strategically into submental fat. Treatment may feel random during your session, but injections are precisely targeted to kill a specific number of fat cells. This ensures you retain some fat cells for health but lose those that are unwanted and unnecessary.

Once those cells are gone, they do not regenerate. Nor does the body push other fat cells into the treated area to compensate for those lost. Instead, you’ll enjoy a more refined appearance that will stay with you permanently. Do keep in mind, however, that if you gain weight at any point, those remaining fat cells under your chin may increase in size as they store more lipids.

A Surge in Popularity

This injectable enjoys an extremely high patient satisfaction rate and has only grown increasingly more popular since earning FDA approval in 2015. Yes, Kybella San Francisco CA is becoming more well-known, but other factors also play into this phenomenon.

People no longer accept aging as inevitable. This is not to say the fountain of youth has at last been found and we’ll all stop aging, but that the effects of time no longer have to be quite so visible on our faces. Botox, dermal injectables, and facials are mainstream treatments accessible to the masses, and they help skin look soft and smooth well beyond what was once “normal.” Meaning, people can choose to look much younger than their biological age.

The Digital Age

This treatment also boosts confidence in those who have to routinely interact on video chats for work. Remote office environments have suddenly become common, forcing people to communicate in new and innovative ways. This innovation, however, tends to highlight what many believe to be their personal flaws, including submental fat. These people choose treatment because they want more sculpted jawlines both on and off the camera.

Debunking Myths

Many wrongly believe this treatment is available only to those who are overweight. But, as discussed earlier, a double chin can creep up on anyone, regardless of weight. Even something as innocent as the shape of your face can make submental fat more pronounced. This means nearly any patient with extra padding in the submental area may be a candidate for treatment.

During your consultation, we will examine the area to be treated and craft a plan to remove small pockets of fat under your chin. Although treatment is not appropriate for women who are breastfeeding or pregnant, it is generally considered safe for most patients. If we determine this injection will not work for you, we’ll recommend an alternative treatment.

“Treatment Is Invasive”

When people think of injections that destroy fat, they envision an invasive treatment. But this therapy is highly regarded for being non-invasive and is a great alternative to facelift surgery or liposuction. Some individuals only need a single treatment to achieve their cosmetic goals, while others require several sessions spaced about four weeks apart.

“Results Don’t Really Last Forever”

We hear this myth often, and we’re always happy to debunk it. Results have proven to be permanent, which is one of the drivers behind this treatment’s popularity. And as we already explained, fat cells do not regenerate. They’re gone for good once we eliminate them. This means that with a healthy diet and lifestyle, you can enjoy your treatment results for many years to come.

“I Won’t See a Difference”

When administered by a skilled professional, like a member of our staff, this injectable is proven to remove extra fat under the chin. You will see a significant difference in your chin profile and also feel more confident in your appearance. And depending on the skin laxity you have, you may even notice some degree of tightening. These benefits are achieved with a rapid treatment that fits easily into any busy schedule.

“I Can Get Rid of My Double Chin by Losing Weight”

Again, this is more difficult than it at first seems. Chin exercises do not exist to treat this area, meaning you’re only delaying the time when you could enjoy a sleeker profile. You may find information online that attempts to contradict this fact, but none of it is proven. Simply put, the treatment allows you to stop worrying about this pesky padding once and for all.

“Recovery Time Is Lengthy”

With only a few exceptions, you can resume your normal routine immediately after treatment. Some patients even return to work, while others take the day or afternoon off and relax at home. The choice is yours, but it’s important to know Kybella San Francisco CA does not demand a recovery period.

Live Your Best Life
Cosmetic treatments continue to evolve as patients demand faster therapies that deliver permanent results. Kybella San Francisco CA embodies these traits perfectly. You’ll enjoy a more contoured appearance in as little as four weeks, and injections can be administered on a lunch hour. See what all the hype is about for yourself. Schedule your consultation today by calling the offices of Eric P. Bachelor, MD, FACS, in Pleasanton and Danville, CA.

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