What Is a HydraFacial Treatment?

The task of achieving healthy, glowing skin can be a challenging process. Between using all the right products, getting enough sleep, and following the hallmarks of good skincare, it can be disheartening to realize all of your solo efforts aren’t enough to help you achieve your skin goals. However, at Eric P. Bachelor in Pleasanton, CA, we know that a treatment like HydraFacial can perfect the superficial appearance and the overall health of your skin.

What Is a HydraFacial Treatment?

A HydraFacial is a unique aesthetic treatment that rejuvenates your skin with a patented treatment process and treatment device. This skin rejuvenating treatment combines all the classic elements of a facial into a single treatment process. As a non-ablative treatment, this treatment is non-irritating and non-abrasive. And as a customizable treatment, this facial can be used by virtually all people to manage a variety of skin concerns.

Do You Need a Consultation?

Before your first treatment, you will need to attend a consultation appointment so we can assess the condition of your skin and determine whether or not this treatment is appropriate for your skin concerns. During your consultation, we will go over all of your skin concerns, your skincare routine, and other aspects of your skin health. We may discuss other treatments that may be suitable for your aesthetic goals.

A detailed examination of your skin and your areas of concern will be used to customize your treatment to your specific needs. Dr. Bachelor will factor in any sensitivities you may have to certain active ingredients, particularly if you have had certain skin conditions in the past.

What Should You Expect From Treatment?

This revolutionary treatment will take about 30 minutes to complete. The key to this treatment is the patented treatment device that uses four-in-one vortex technology to exfoliate, peel, extract, and infuse your skin with detoxifying and hydrating serums.

The exfoliation portion of this treatment will remove the top layers of the skin while hydrating underlying skin with special serums. The peel uses a delicate combination of salicylic and glycolic acid to loosen debris from the skin. The extraction step uses vacuum suction to remove impurities from the surface of the skin. And finally, the fusion step bathes the skin in antioxidants and other serums to promote skin health.

Serum Options

Two steps of your treatment will involve using special serums to treat the skin. Active-4 Skin Solution is the most common serum as this cocktail gently cleanses the skin and expels dead skin cells while also hydrating the skin; this formula uses lactic acid and algae extract. Beta-HD Skin Solution is ideal for those who have oily or acne-prone skin since the honey extract, salicylic acid, and spiraea ulmaria flower extract formula softens and soothes the skin.

GlySal Acid Peel is another serum ideal for acne-prone skin, as well as skin with blemishes and moderate imperfections. Antiox-6 Skin Solution is a cocktail of antioxidants to detoxify the skin and deep moisturizers to promote skin hydration; antioxidants in this serum include Vitamin A, Vitamin E, white tea extract, rosemary leaf extract, horse chestnut seed extract, and hyaluronic acid.

What Should You Do After Treatment?

After your treatment, you will be able to go back to work, exercise, or complete your other daily activities. You may be advised to avoid wearing make-up for 24 hours – but your skin will look so radiant after your treatment that you might not even want make-up. As part of basic aftercare for any facial treatment, you will also be advised to use SPF during the daytime, particularly to protect new skin cells from damaging UV rays. We may provide you with additional post-treatment instructions.

When Will You See Results?

Immediately after your appointment, you may notice that your skin appears radiant and smooth. These immediate results will continue to improve over the next week as your skin responds to the treatment by reducing the size of pores, exfoliating dead skin cells, and restoring the even tone and texture of your skin surface.

Naturally, the more often you have this treatment, the better your results will be. Consecutive treatments gradually improve the overall health and appearance of your skin. For optimal results, you may need several sessions to see the best results of this treatment.

How Long Do Results Last?

The smooth and supple texture of your ultra-hydrated skin will generally last for five to seven days after your first treatment. With subsequent treatments and proper skincare between appointments, these results may last longer.

However, in terms of tone and texture, you may be pleased to learn that your visible results should last for at least two to three weeks. In general, the results of your treatment will line-up with your natural cellular turnover; when dead skin cells remain on the surface of the skin, your results will appear to fade.

How Frequently Can You Use This Facial?

For the best results with this facial treatment, we usually recommend patients use this facial about once a month. This is an ideal frequency because a treatment once every four weeks will exfoliate dead skin cells before they can accumulate and begin blocking pores again. Incorporating this treatment as part of your monthly skincare is the best way to promote better skin health.

Can You Combine This Treatment With Others?

Yes, you absolutely can combine this facial with other aesthetic treatments. Depending on your skin needs and your aesthetic goals, combining HydraFacial with laser treatments, dermaplaning, or even certain injectables can help you achieve optimal, long-lasting results. It’s also very common to combine this facial treatment with skincare products that are curated to your aesthetic concerns.

Why Should You Use This Treatment?

There are several reasons why you may want to use this treatment. For example, HydraFacial is much more effective than other aesthetic treatments, including chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and even IPL Photofacials. This facial treatment uses an intensive process to thoroughly cleanse and renew the appearance of the skin. Some other reasons you may want to use this treatment include:

Better Than Regular Facials

A HydraFacial is simply more effective than a regular facial. Although each treatment uses the same basic steps, the patented technology used for this treatment makes this facial much more effective, particularly for those who have specific skin challenges. One of the reasons why this treatment is better than a regular facial is because the treatment process is uniform from start to finish, which makes the treatment much more comfortable and faster to complete.

Another reason why this facial is better than a regular facial treatment is the fact that regular facials are often performed manually. With a manual facial, you can moderately improve the appearance of your skin, but because the cleansing and extracting is not necessarily thorough enough to remove impurities, the results of a regular facial will only last a short while and will not adequately resolve your skin concerns.

Treat Multiple Concerns

This facial treatment can be used to treat a variety of skin concerns at one time. Whether your concerns are mainly textural or pigmented, you can treat and manage your skin condition easily with this singular treatment. Age-related concerns like blemishes, fine lines, wrinkles, low elasticity, and dark spots can all be treated with this facial. Other skin concerns, such as oily skin, acne, shallow acne scarring, enlarged pores, dry skin, rough skin, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation can also be managed with this treatment.

Many Ideal Candidates

Most people are good candidates for this treatment. Regardless of your age, genre, skin tone, or skin type, this customizable facial can be used to promote healthier, better-looking skin for the vast majority of people. In fact, people with very sensitive skin and acne-prone skin can easily use this treatment. Even more impressively, this facial treatment is safe for women who are pregnant and breastfeeding since the treatment can be customized to reduce possible contraindications for special medical conditions.

Perfect Your Skin Today

The journey for healthy skin with a radiant glow is easier when you can use a treatment that addresses all of your skin concerns at once. An advanced rejuvenating facial like a Hydrafacial is ideal for those who have multiple skin concerns or who are searching for a treatment to rejuvenate the overall appearance of their skin. Don’t hesitate to contact the office of Eric P. Bachelor in Pleasanton, CA to schedule your consultation so you can achieve perfect skin today.

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