Is a Tummy Tuck Permanent?

The middle section of your body has a tendency to accumulate unwanted fat and excess skin as you get older or as you go through major weight changes. To make matters worse, exercising your abdomen can be a long, often fruitless process. Fortunately, there is a plastic surgery option that can help you restore the appearance of your middle section. Learn more about a tummy tuck before you schedule a surgical consultation at Eric P. Bachelor, MD in Pleasanton, CA

Is a Tummy Tuck Permanent?

The results of a tummy tuck are designed to be permanent for a couple of reasons. For example, when excess fat and skin are removed from the abdomen, these cells have no way to replicate, so regaining unwanted fat or excess skin is difficult after a tummy tuck.

Another reason a tummy tuck can produce long-lasting results is that many people make healthier lifestyle choices after this surgery in order to maintain results. Finally, the surgical methods used for an abdominoplasty may also ensure results are long-lasting.

External Results

Your external results will largely rely on how well you can maintain a healthy weight. To enjoy permanent results after abdominoplasty, you must maintain a healthy weight for your age, gender, and height. You can reinforce the longevity of your results by paying attention to your BMI or by regularly taking your waist-to-hip ratio, which will give you better information about the weight that is ideal for you.

Internal Results

The internal results of an abdominoplasty are usually long-lasting because of the way your surgeon will perform your procedure. For example, the internal sutures that are used to tighten skin and abdominal muscles are typically designed to remain in your body for a long time. This can produce long-lasting results because it gives your abdomen more structure.

How Can You Enjoy Long-Lasting Results?

To enjoy long-lasting results, it may be necessary to make certain lifestyle changes so you can more easily maintain a healthy weight. The main methods to have long-lasting results include regular exercise, a healthy diet, and smarter lifestyle habits.

Regular Exercise

To keep your abdomen toned and slender, you will need to use regular exercise as a way to burn excess fat before it can accumulate on the waist. For general health, cardiovascular exercise that elevates the heart rate to a moderate range will generally be enough to burn excess fat for fuel, which will prevent excessive weight gain. For the abdomen specifically, you will want to focus on core exercises to keep abdominal muscles tight.

Healthy Diet

Most people can easily gain weight when they eat a diet that is high in sugar, carbohydrates, salt, and unhealthy fats. For optimal weight maintenance, it’s best to incorporate a diet that primarily contains lean meats, vegetables, and fruits, with moderate healthy fats and whole grains. Of course, the diet that is most appropriate for you will depend on your health concerns, allergies you may have, and your dietary preferences.

If you aren’t sure what diet is best for you, it may be worthwhile to consult with the nutritionist or dietitian to design a meal plan that will allow you to achieve optimal health. Your meal plan may need to be revised occasionally to compensate for changes in your activity level or health concerns.

Smart Lifestyle

Finally, making better lifestyle choices also makes it easier to maintain your desired weight. For example, consuming excessive amounts of alcohol can easily allow your middle section to accumulate unwanted fat. Using tobacco products can also make it easier to maintain weight, and may even make it harder to exercise regularly.

In addition to healthier lifestyle practices, you may want to consider ways to minimize your stress. Studies show that stress can lead to poor eating habits like emotional eating and can even make it more difficult for the body to burn fat for fuel. For example, those who are continually stressed may store more fat and sugar than those who can minimize stress.

What Is a Normal Weight Fluctuation?

Your weight will usually fluctuate about five to 10 pounds throughout the month based on water retention, activity level, and the weight of the food you eat. Women in particular have extreme weight fluctuations during the menstrual cycle, with many women putting on as much as five to seven pounds due to water retention one to two weeks before a cycle.

It’s important to understand what normal weight fluctuation is for your body since significant weight gain of 10 pounds or more over a period of three months can potentially undo the results of your abdominoplasty. Be sure to measure your weight consistently, such as once a week first thing in the morning, to get the most accurate results.

Can Pregnancy Undo Your Results?

Pregnancy can easily undo the results of your surgical procedure. This is because pregnancy can involve additional weight gain, fat storage, and skin stretching, along with loosening abdominal muscles. Multiple pregnancies can also make it more difficult for your abdomen to return to a pre-pregnancy state because abdominal muscles are too stretched and weakened.

If you want your results to last for as long as possible, it may be a good idea to postpone your surgical procedure until you’re no longer planning on bearing children.

Why Might You Consider a Tummy Tuck?

There are several reasons why people consider a tummy tuck procedure. For example, some people use this body sculpting surgical procedure to improve their confidence, make it easier to buy clothes, or simply prepare for swimsuit season. Whether you want to restore your appearance after your pregnancy, improve back pain and posture, or simply sculpt the midsection, this procedure can be a good option for you.

Remove Fat

One of the main portions of this surgical procedure is using liposuction to remove excess fat around the waistline. People who use this procedure for body sculpting can reduce their waist size by several inches. Removing excessive fat can make it easier to exercise, fit into clothing, and feel more confident about your appearance.

Trim Excess Skin

If you have undergone extreme weight loss or you are recovering from a pregnancy, you may have excess skin around the middle section. While some of your skin will tighten through natural processes, excessive loose skin will generally need to be trimmed away with a surgical procedure or an aesthetic treatment for skin tightening.

Tighten Abdominal Muscles

This procedure can also tighten loose abdominal muscles. Although tightening loose abdominal muscles will not sculpt your abs, it will make it easier to perform core exercises to have a toned appearance. Furthermore, tightening abdominal muscles can have a positive effect on urinary incontinence and other medical conditions.

Restore Appearance

After pregnancy, you may be interested in restoring your appearance. While some women like to combine this procedure with other treatments such as a breast reduction for a mommy makeover, others may be satisfied by simply revising the appearance of the abdomen.

After pregnancy, restoring your middle section is often more challenging to do through traditional diet and exercise, since your hormones may be working against you during the postpartum period.

Reduce Scarring

This procedure can also reduce scarring, such as stretch marks that don’t respond to aesthetic treatments. Although this procedure will not erase scarring on the abdomen, it will pull skin together or even remove the skin with visible scarring so that your abdominal appearance is more evenly toned. Reducing scarring may be necessary after pregnancy.

Improve Back Pain

Finally, this procedure can significantly improve back pain. This is because back pain is sometimes worsened by loose abnormal muscles or low core strength. When you can tighten abdominal muscles, you can further support your spine and the muscles in your back, which will reduce your back pain.

A byproduct of improving your back pain with this procedure is the ability to improve your posture. By improving your posture, you will likely also contribute to a healthier spine and less back pain.

Enjoy Long-Lasting Results From Abdominoplasty

One of the biggest benefits of an abdominoplasty is the long-lasting results. Your results will last for as long as you’re able to maintain a healthy weight, which can be done by making better lifestyle choices with a healthier diet and regular exercise. If you think this treatment can help you accomplish your aesthetic goals, get in touch with Eric P. Bachelor, MD in Pleasanton, CA, and Danville, CA today to schedule your initial consultation.

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