How Quickly Does Restylane Work?

Dermal fillers such as Restylane can do wonders when it comes to erasing wrinkles and restoring youthful symmetry to the face. At East Bay Aesthetic Surgery in Danville, CA, patients see immediate results when treated with this safe, FDA-approved product. If you are looking for an instant anti-aging outcome with absolutely no downtime, keep reading to learn more about this incredible treatment option.

Why Dermal Fillers Are So Popular

Opting for a hyaluronic-acid-based dermal filler such as Restylane has many benefits but what keeps patients coming back for more is the fact that the results are practically instantaneous. A patient can leave their appointment looking younger and more refreshed, with results that continue to improve over the course of the following day. There is no need to miss work or skip any of your normal activities.

While the results will not last as long as those that can be achieved with surgery, having an immediate positive outcome without any recovery period is a distinct advantage. The treatment itself is virtually painless and can take as little as 15 to 20 minutes, depending on how many areas are being injected. For busy people who want to make a subtle, natural-looking enhancement to their appearance, fillers simply make a lot of sense.

How This Treatment Achieves Immediate Results

Dermal fillers work by increasing the skin’s supply of hyaluronic acid, which is plentiful in young skin but deteriorates as we age. A simple injection of a dermal filler instantly adds volume to the skin, creating a softer and smoother look. The thick, gel-like consistency of the product can immediately smooth out even the deepest wrinkles and add volume to areas of the face that have become sunken-looking.

A Safe, FDA-Approved Alternative to Surgery

While the results of a surgical facelift will of course be longer-lasting, patients are often looking for an anti-aging solution that does not require the same commitment of time, energy, or resources. While surgery remains a great option for many people, it does require considerable downtime compared to less invasive treatments. It can take several weeks for the full effects of a facelift to be evident, while the results of a dermal filler treatment are immediate.

Many patients also appreciate the fact that Restylane is an FDA-approved, non-animal-based product that closely mimics the hyaluronic acid that exists in human tissue. Since it is a natural substance, the body readily accepts it and there is very little chance of a complication, particularly when treatment is administered by a certified practitioner. As with any cosmetic treatment or procedure, working with a reputable clinic is a must.

Long-Lasting Outcomes

Dermal fillers can remain intact in the skin for anywhere from six months to one year. This can vary widely depending on how quickly a person’s body metabolizes the filler. While the results are not permanent, they are considered long-lasting for a non-invasive treatment. To maintain results, it is recommended that patients reschedule their next “touch-up” appointment before their filler has completely dissipated.

A Unique Advantage

Many patients actually prefer the fact that this treatment is not permanent. This allows the patient some flexibility to make subtle changes or experiment with adding filler in different areas. For example, if you are thinking of cheek or chin implants but are nervous about what the results might look like, you can try adding filler to these areas to get a better idea of the outcome. If you love it, you can continue with fillers long-term or commit to a surgical procedure.

In those very rare cases where a patient is not happy with the outcome, filler can easily be dissolved using hyaluronidase. While this is not a typical request, patients do sometimes like to have the security of knowing that their treatment can be reversed if they want it to be.

What To Expect During and After Your Restylane Appointment

There is no preparation required for your appointment, although it’s a good idea to arrive with clean, makeup-free skin. If you use a tretinoin or retinol product, it is recommended that you take a break from this for 48 hours prior to your appointment as these types of products can cause skin irritation.

For the same reason, you may also wish to avoid plucking or waxing treatment areas before your appointment, although it is fine to resume your normal beauty routine after a full day has passed post-treatment. Most products can be applied shortly after your treatment (unless they are irritating, as noted earlier), but a gentle touch should be used for the first day post-treatment when applying lotions and makeup.

Will This Treatment Hurt?

The needle used for administering dermal filler is very fine, so you should only feel a very slight pinprick. If needles make you nervous, or if you are particularly pain-sensitive, we can apply a numbing cream prior to your injections. Once your session is over, your skin might feel slightly numb but there should not be any discomfort.

What To Do After Your Treatment Session

While there is no recovery period necessitated by this treatment, there are some things you should avoid for about 24 hours to ensure the best outcome possible. Avoiding intense exercise and extreme heat (such as a hot tub or sauna) is recommended. It is also a good idea to keep pressure off your face until the filler has had time to fully set.

Keeping pressure off your face means no intense rubbing or scrubbing, and not lying face down. For the first night after your treatment, try to sleep on your back. If you like to go for massages, wait a couple of days or at least do not have a massage that requires you to lie face-down.

Knowing When It’s Time To Book Your Next Appointment

If this is your first filler treatment, you may not yet know how quickly your body will metabolize the product. You may be among the lucky few who only need to schedule a follow-up appointment once per year, but in most cases, patients find that they need a touch-up session at least once every 6 months to maintain their results.

To maintain the most natural look possible, it’s a good idea to schedule your next session before your filler has completely dissolved. This will help you to stay looking youthful and refreshed without it being obvious to anyone that you had a treatment performed.

What Can Dermal Fillers Be Used For?

Products such as Restylane are most typically used to treat smile lines, forehead wrinkles, nasolabial folds, and thin lips. Restylane has also been FDA-approved for hand rejuvenation, making it an excellent choice for smoothing out the backs of the hands, which tend to be among the first places to show signs of aging.

Adding Symmetry to the Face

Dermal fillers are not just for plumping up wrinkles. They can also be used to add fullness to the cheeks, sharpen the chin or jawline, treat acne scarring, and remove a sunken appearance under the eyes. While there are many applications for dermal fillers, it’s very important that these treatments be performed by a skilled professional who understands facial symmetry and is able to effectively administer the product for its intended purpose.

Achieve Custom Results

Restylane offers several different formulations. Each one has a specific use and purpose. The original formulation is perfect for many facial imperfections, but the Refyne formulation can be more suitable for deeper wrinkles. Lyft works nicely on the hands and cheeks, while Defyne is ideal for areas with more movement, such as around the mouth. Silk is a lighter formulation that is perfect for creating natural fullness to the lips.  

In some cases, we might combine Restylane with other injectables such as Dysport or Botox to create the best overall effect possible. Your injector will recommend the best product or combination of products to achieve your specific aesthetic goals. This is why it’s an advantage to work with a clinic that offers a broad range of treatment options.

Are You Ready To See Immediate Anti-Aging Results?

If you are considering turning back the clock on your appearance, the exceptional staff at the office of Eric P. Bachelor MD are here to guide you on your journey. Contact us today at East Bay Aesthetic Surgery in Danville, CA so that we can schedule your first appointment.

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