How Quickly Does BOTOX Start Working?

BOTOX is a heavyweight, legacy product in the beauty industry with devotees from all over the world. This non-invasive treatment can give you dewy, wrinkle-free skin and natural-looking results in a flash. Plus, the treatment lasts for several months. At East Bay Aesthetic Surgery in Pleasanton, CA, and Danville, CA, we know the transformative power of this treatment and can help you reach your beauty goals today.

When Can I Expect BOTOX To Start Working?

Most people start to see the results of their treatment after just a few days and will enjoy smoother, wrinkle-free luminous skin for several months. Since everyone is different, it’s a good idea to talk to our team about what you can expect from your experience and what personalized plan would work for you to maintain the results.

About the Treatment

BOTOX is one of the most popular treatments on the planet because it’s a non-invasive way to get youthful-looking skin. It’s quick, effective, and yields transformative but totally natural-looking results. Plus, it’s fully FDA-approved and has been helping people look their absolute best for years. This treatment stops your muscles from contracting in the area that it’s applied, leaving you with noticeably smoother skin almost right away.

Not only does it target existing wrinkles and fine lines, but it can also act as a preventative treatment to stave off future creases. It’s also painless, and you don’t need to schedule any downtime after your appointment. Instead, you’ll just walk away with youthful, glowing skin that will last you for several months.

How Often Should I Get This Treatment?

Your treatment schedule will depend on your individual needs and what you want to get out of the treatment. We’re happy to review everything with you in the introductory consultation. Generally, people will want to get it freshened up after a few months. It’s good to adhere to a regular schedule because the wrinkle-smoothing benefits of the treatment can compound over time.

Prolonging the Results 

Although BOTOX is temporary, there are several things that you can do to ensure that your results last for as long as possible. Also, these smart habits are good for your skin overall, whether or not you have this treatment, so you’ll be doing yourself a big favor by incorporating them into your beauty and wellness routine.


Hydrated skin is happy skin. When your skin is moisturized and nourished, your wrinkles and fine lines can appear far less prominent. Drinking water and limiting dehydrating beverages, like coffee or alcohol, are excellent ways to keep your skin looking freshest. You can add a little cut-up fruit to your water for extra flavor and a dash of additional nutrients.

Solid Skincare Routine

Everyone’s skincare needs are different, so it’s a good idea to identify what works for you and stick to a smart routine that leaves your skin clean and moisturized. In addition to moisturizers and creams, you can also add some anti-aging elements to ward off wrinkles in between appointments.

If you’re unsure about what works for you, we can talk to you about your needs and help you come up with a good plan that’s easy to stick with. One of the huge keys to proper skincare is consistency, so the effective routine that you’ll regularly do is best.

Stay Out of the Sun

The sun might feel great on your bare skin, but it’s also one of the biggest culprits when it comes to fine lines and wrinkles. Make putting on plenty of sunscreen part of your daily routine, and remember to wear sunglasses if you’re out in the rays. Cloudy days can be deceptive. You still need sunscreen, even if it doesn’t seem too bright out.

Opt for an SPF of at least 30, and apply it liberally throughout the day. It’s also an excellent plan to slather sunscreen on your decolletage area to avoid any wrinkles or fine lines on your chest. This area often gets ignored and can age you substantially if you don’t take good care of it.

Eat Healthy Foods

While water is the ultimate beauty beverage, your diet definitely factors into things as well. Eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables can give your skin all the nutrients it needs. Limiting processed and sugary food is another way to keep your skin healthy and stretch out the effects of this treatment for as long as possible.

Consider Collagen

Collagen is one of the body’s beauty building blocks, giving our skin beautiful elasticity and plumpness. Unfortunately, we lose some of our collagen as we age. Supplementing your diet with collagen is a good way to infuse a little bit of it back into your body. You can find some collagen in foods or take supplements to give yourself a boost.

Stress Less

While we will always have some stressors in our lives, employing healthy ways to reduce stress can save our skin in the long run. Stress makes cortisol levels spike, which can inflame the skin and age us. Soothing self-care exercises like taking yoga classes, going for walks, getting a pedicure, meditating, or treating yourself to a day of relaxing with some movies are effective and healthy ways to cut back on stress.

Treatment Candidates 

The great news is that almost anyone is a great candidate for this treatment. If you have existing fine lines or wrinkles that you want to get rid of, or if you’re looking to prevent new lines from forming, BOTOX could be the ticket for you. Since the treatment is non-invasive and painless, it’s also an excellent option for people who want to see dramatic results without having to schedule any downtime.

Where Can I Get This Treatment?

You can get the treatment in various areas on your face and neck. During your initial consultation, we’ll talk to you about your needs and let you know what our professional recommendations are. You can get the treatment in multiple places in the same appointment.

Many people like to use the treatment to minimize the appearance of deep forehead lines, Marionette lines, a gummy smile, or banding on the neck. You can also use it to smooth out crow’s feet. This treatment can also help define your jaw and give you poutier, younger-looking lips.


People love this treatment for a variety of different reasons. You can get it done easily on your lunch break, it’s painless, and the effects are absolutely stunning and natural. These are just a few of the regular benefits that people enjoy after their session. We’re happy to review precisely what you can expect in your consultation.

Easy Appointments

You’ll be in and out in a flash. Most treatment appointments take less than an hour so you can fit them into even the most hectic schedules. Plus, there’s virtually no pain, so you can relax, get treated, and leave feeling like a million bucks.

Quick Results

You don’t have to wait too long to enjoy this treatment’s transformative and amazing effects. Most people start to see a noticeable difference in a few days, and it just keeps getting better as the treatment acclimates to your body.


One of the primary reasons why people love this treatment is because it’s so safe. BOTOX is FDA-approved and has been helping people look and feel youthful and gorgeous for decades. You’ll know that you’re working with a tried and true product that will do what it’s supposed to and give you outstanding results.

The biggest benefit of all is that you’ll look just like yourself, only younger and fresher, after your treatment. The results are always natural and only enhance your existing beauty in subtle but instantly noticeable ways. Nobody will ever know that you’ve had “work done,” but everyone will notice that your skin is glowing and wrinkle-free and that you look incredible.

Beautiful, Wrinkle-Free Skin Can Be Yours Today

BOTOX is one of the best and most popular treatments across the globe, thanks to its ability to give you photo-ready skin that looks naturally yours. It’s painless, easy, and highly effective, and you’re out of the office within about an hour. If you want to enhance your existing beauty and roll back the clock, give this treatment a try. Contact East Bay Aesthetic Surgery in Pleasanton, CA, and Danville, CA, for a consultation on your options today.

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