How Long Does a Face Lift Last?

At East Bay Aesthetic Surgery in Danville and Pleasanton, CA, we understand that the way you look can have a profound impact on how you feel. If you’re considering a face lift, you’re not alone. Many people turn to this treatment to help reverse the signs of aging and rejuvenate their appearance, and it makes sense why. The procedure is one of the staples of the cosmetic surgical world and has had decades to perfect the way it’s administered.

Many patients come to us after having tried all the topical and over-the-counter solutions to sagging skin and wrinkles. We’re always happy to tell them that they’ve come to the right place and that their search for a real solution with lasting benefits is finally over. At East Bay Aesthetic Surgery, we take the utmost pride in our ability to provide our patients with natural-looking results that enhance their unique features and complement their individual beauty.

How Long Will My Results Last?

We understand that the longevity of the results is a key consideration for our patients deciding whether to undergo the procedure. We are proud to offer the latest techniques that deliver results that last for many years. The vast majority of our patients can continue to enjoy the benefits of their treatment indefinitely. Even those who received the treatment decades ago will always look more youthful and vibrant than if they never got the treatment at all.

The duration of the results depends on various factors, including the patient’s skin quality, lifestyle, and genetics. Those who follow a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and avoid detrimental habits such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can expect their results to last even longer than those who receive treatment but don’t follow this lifestyle. Even as the aging process begins affecting the skin again, keeping a conscientious skincare routine will embellish the desirable results of treatment.

Rhytidectomy 101

What Is a Face Lift?

This cosmetic surgical procedure, otherwise known as a rhytidectomy, is designed to restore a youthful appearance to the face. The treatment accomplishes this by removing excess skin from the face and tightening the underlying tissues. A rhytidectomy can address and fix the appearance of wrinkles, sagging skin, and other signs of aging that can make you look older than you feel. The procedure typically involves making incisions around the ears and hairline to modify and reposition the facial tissues.

Why Might I Need This Procedure?

No matter the type of improvements you’re looking to make in the facial area, a rhytidectomy can be an ideal option. The facial skin is the most delicate and therefore most susceptible to changes due to aging. Even if you take great care of yourself, aging skin is inevitable and most everyone experiences sagging skin or wrinkles at some point. That’s why this treatment is so popular, and why almost everyone is a candidate to receive it.

Anyone who is looking to achieve a more youthful and refreshed appearance would benefit greatly from receiving a rhytidectomy, and this procedure allows patients to see a boost in self-confidence and improved quality of life.

What Are the Benefits of Receiving Treatment?

While the treatment is primarily sought out for its anti-aging effects, there are additional benefits you may not have considered. A face lift, unlike other anti-aging treatments, can fix the appearance of even the deepest fine lines and wrinkles. Some people also seek this treatment to better contour their faces or enhance the natural curves of their faces. Other individuals notice that undergoing treatment causes their eyes to appear brighter and more awake after their session.

We also see many younger patients who are looking to receive this treatment as a preventative measure. Since the procedure effectively turns back the clock on aging, younger folks are guaranteed to age with grace if they choose to preemptively receive a rhytidectomy.

Who Is a Candidate?

Anyone who is in generally good health and who has realistic expectations of the results of the treatment is exactly the candidate we’re looking for. Age is not a determining factor when it comes to candidacy, as you can receive this treatment to combat the signs of aging that are already present, or you can receive it preventatively to avoid wrinkles forming in the future and slow down the aging process before it begins.

If you are concerned about the appearance of aging on your facial skin, you’re the ideal candidate for a face lift. Those who are experiencing loss of facial volume and plumpness are just as right for this treatment as those who want to deplete the appearance of wrinkles and lines. Those who are looking to repair what was lost by chronic illness or lifestyle choices such as past smoking habits are also great candidates.

Who Is Not Ideal for This Procedure?

While a rhytidectomy requires very few prerequisite qualifications to be accepted for candidacy, there are still some individuals who may not be suited for treatment. For example, those who have chronic ongoing medical conditions like cardiovascular problems or diabetes may not be able to undergo surgery safely. Similarly, surgery may be contraindicated for those who have bleeding disorders or are currently taking blood-thinning medications. If you’re currently smoking or using tobacco products, these habits might hinder your healing process post-treatment.

If you are someone whose weight fluctuates heavily, or you are planning to become pregnant in the future, it’s best to wait to receive this treatment until after you’ve achieved a stable weight and your childbearing stage of life is complete. Weight fluctuations could end up undoing your treatment! Finally, those with a history of slow or stunted wound healing, those prone to excessive scarring, and those with keloid formations should carefully discuss treatment with their doctor before undergoing it.

The Different Types of Rhytidectomy


Known as a brow lift or a forehead lift, this type of face lift concentrates more closely on the upper part of your face. This includes the section from your hairline down to your eyes and is great for those who feel that their forehead is their main problem area. As we age, our foreheads tend to sag and our eyebrows get closer to our eyes over time.

During a brow rhytidectomy, we address this problem by guiding the eyebrows back into place, fixing the appearance of forehead lines or creases, and removing extra skin and tissue surrounding the forehead.


This type of rhytidectomy focuses on the section of your face from your jaw up to your nose. When people first start noticing fine lines and wrinkles on their faces, this area is typically what they notice first. One of the most common things individuals suffer from is nasolabial folds, otherwise known as smile lines, and a lower rhytidectomy addresses this problem.

For this procedure, we gently lift up the sagging skin that surrounds the mouth, and we sculpt the jawline to give it better contouring. This will also fix frown lines and marionette lines.


For a middle rhytidectomy, the section of your face between your nose and eyebrows is the primary focus. This is a great option for those who want their results to make them appear more vibrant and alert, as a middle lift removes the loose skin from around your eyes. Wrinkles that form on the cheekbones from smiling or squinting will also be addressed during this type of rhytidectomy.


This combines all three of the different types into one procedure. This is the ideal choice for those who feel that they need all of the above, and is also a good idea for patients with excessively loose skin and deep lines, wrinkles, and folds.

A traditional face lift is the best way to ensure you have a fully refreshed appearance with comprehensive improvements. We offer all four of these treatment options at our practice, and no matter which you choose, you’ll come out of your session looking naturally younger. With our extensive knowledge and expertise in facial construction, we can confidently assure every single one of our patients that they will walk away from their appointment with results that exceed their expectations.

Restore, Rejuvenate, and Refresh With a Rhytidectomy

We encourage you to take the first step towards achieving your desired look by calling or visiting us as soon as possible here at East Bay Aesthetic Surgery in Danville and Pleasanton, CA. Our team uses the latest techniques to deliver exceptional results that enhance your natural beauty and boost your confidence. What sets us apart from other practices is our dedication to providing personalized care and guidance throughout the entire process, from your first consultation to your post-operative instructions.

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