Does Jeuveau Last Longer Than Botox?

If you know anything about injectables then you’ve probably heard of Botox. It’s almost certainly the most famous non-surgical method of addressing wrinkles, crow’s feet, and fine lines out there. But there are several other options available. For example, Jeuveau Danville CA is an injectable becoming more and more popular for turning back the clock and rejuvenating the face. Dr. Eric P. Bachelor and his expert staff here at East Bay Aesthetic Surgery are ready to help you understand the differences and find the cosmetic treatment that will work for you.

Does Jeuveau Danville CA Last Longer Than Botox?

Interestingly, the results of both of these injectable treatments last for about 3-4 months. After that time patients, so thrilled with the gorgeous skin treatment gave them, return for a touch-up session. They’re both quick and easy treatments with short sessions that can slot into anyone’s routine a few times a year, much like a hair appointment or facial. What’s incredible is that the more you stick to a touch-up routine, the more your skin can benefit from treatment; regular treatment can slow the development of more lines and wrinkles in the future.

What Are Other Similarities Between Jeuveau Danville CA and Botox?

They’re Both Neuromodulators

A neuromodulator is a compound or chemical that can block signals coming from nerve cells. Nerve cells tell the muscles to contract, so when they can’t send this signal, the muscles relax. By injecting nerves in the face with controlled amounts of a neuromodulator you can slacken your facial muscles, which smooths the skin on top of it. Now, no matter how much you scrunch up your forehead or squint your eyes, harsh lines won’t appear because those muscles aren’t actually moving!

For years, Botox was the go-to neuromodulator to keep skin soft and wrinkle-free. But Jeuveau Danville CA is the next generation and as this treatment gains popularity, you’re going to want to learn more about it!

They’re Non-Surgical

Many people are hesitant to get surgery to treat cosmetic problems, as there can be many downsides. Going “under the knife” is often a scary experience that brings with it risks of infection or bad reactions to anesthesia. Plus a long recovery period can mean you can’t return to work for weeks afterward. All this combined with how expensive it can be? A minimally-invasive treatment like an injectable that still yields unbelievable results seems like an incredible alternative.

And What About the Differences?

What They Target

The biggest difference between these injectables is that while Botox is used to address many cosmetic issues on the face, Jeuveau Danville CA was specifically designed to target the lines between eyebrows. Many patients appreciate a product with fewer uses, as it means it’s been crafted precisely and carefully to work effectively on a single area. If you’re someone who suffers from lines between your eyebrows, this treatment may be perfect for you.

Where They’re Made

Botox is manufactured in Ireland, while this treatment is made in South Korea. Funnily enough, the name “Jeuveau” is actually inspired by a French word! It’s based on the word “nouveau”, which means “new” or “modern”. Because it can be a bit tricky to say, some people just call it “Newtox”, meaning “the new Botox”!


Both treatments’ formulas are made of botulinum toxin, a purified chemical that relaxes muscles. But unlike Botox, this treatment undergoes a unique purification process. Botox is freeze-dried after it’s been manufactured, while this treatment is vacuum-dried. People believe this makes for a more potent product. Other differences in the formula include the size of proteins, molecular weight, and how the units are measured.

It can all sound very scientific and intense, which is why talking to a staff member here at East Bay Aesthetic Surgery will help you better understand which treatment will be right for you!

What Can I Expect From Jeuveau Treatment?


The first step is to come into one of our gorgeous facilities in either Pleasanton, CA or Danville, CA for a consultation. You can tell us what your cosmetic goals are and what you’re hoping to get out of treatment. We can make sure you’re a suitable candidate which will include reviewing your medical history and any medications you might be on. If everything looks good, we’ll design a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

We may ask you to prepare for treatment by avoiding alcohol leading up to it, or any other blood thinners that could lead to possible bruising such as vitamin E, fish oil, or aspirin. There may be other steps we’ll ask you to take that are more specific to your lifestyle.

On the Day

Treatment is performed in-house at one of our relaxing and private facilities by an expert staff member. We’ll ask you to come in with a clean, makeup-free face. A topical anesthetic can be applied if requested. We’ll carefully inject the target area and then, after at most about twenty minutes, you’ll be all done.


This treatment requires no downtime, so you can carry on with your day and even drive yourself to and from your appointment. We advise patients to not scratch or touch the treatment area for about eight hours afterward so the skin has time to settle. You should also avoid any face scrubs or massages for about twenty-four hours following treatment, as well as any kind of laser or skin tightening treatments for at least three days.


People love the results of this treatment. They appear over about a week after treatment and make the skin look fresh, supple, and radiant. Because we only treat the one area between the eyebrows, they’re also very subtle and the rest of your facial muscles will still move as normal. You won’t look “frozen” or unnatural at all. In fact, no one will even have to know you underwent treatment unless you want to tell them!

Without frown lines in between their eyebrows, patients feel gorgeous and more youthful. They find their confidence has been restored and they can move their faces more freely, no longer worried about how these wrinkles might be making them look. Here at East Bay Aesthetic Surgery, we believe that confidence and happiness are the most beautiful thing a person can wear. With results like these, it’s no wonder so many of our patients eagerly return for another treatment when their results start to fade.

Why Aren’t the Results Permanent?

This treatment eliminates nerve cells in the areas you want treated so that you can have relaxed muscles that lead to gorgeous soft skin. But nerve cells, like many other cells in the body, regenerate. This takes 3-4 months, after which time you’ll notice the effects wear off as your muscles start to fully contract again.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

This depends on the individual. Some patients are thrilled after one initial session, but occasionally we’ll suggest coming in for a second session if your wrinkles are particularly pronounced or you have thick tissue in that area. After that, maintenance sessions are recommended at approximately 3-4 month intervals.

What Can I Do To Best Maintain the Results?

As mentioned above, coming in for regular touch-up sessions can actually improve the appearance of wrinkles in the long term. Following a dermatologist-approved skin care regime is also important, as ensuring you’re using gentle products that effectively clean your face is always the best option for looking after your skin.

We also recommend being very careful in the sun. While sunlight doesn’t ruin the effects of this treatment, it does damage your skin and speeds up the process of aging. You may have heard of collagen or elastin – chemicals occurring naturally in the body that keep the skin firm and full of volume. As we age, the body produces less of them, causing our skin to sag and droop and forming wrinkles. But sunlight also breaks them down and weakens the skin, sometimes far sooner than ever would have happened just through aging. So always wear sunscreen when you go out and try not to spend all your time in the sun!

What Causes Wrinkles Between the Eyebrows?

Wrinkles can occur for any number of reasons. As mentioned above, sunlight is a huge factor in speeding up the aging process. So is lifestyle, such as heavy alcohol consumption or smoking. Sometimes genetics can be the cause of wrinkles. And of course, it’s a normal part of getting older, as our skin sags and loses volume and lines form.

Some of the deeper lines in your face, also known as “dynamic wrinkles”, can be caused simply by moving your face a lot. Someone who is always laughing, frowning, and raising their eyebrows might develop wrinkles faster than someone who doesn’t emote a lot. You can usually tell if your wrinkles are dynamic by moving your face and seeing if they become deeper and more pronounced when you do so.

Dynamic wrinkles can be tricky in that they might make you look tired, angry, or sad when you’re not at all. For instance, lines between the eyebrows can make a person look very cross or serious. But with this treatment, these lines can be softened and you can better express the real you and the way you’re feeling. You won’t have to worry about how you’re holding yourself, what face you’re pulling, or how you’re posing for photos.

Am I a Good Candidate for Treatment?

Anyone who’s experiencing lines between their eyebrows may be a good candidate for this treatment. We recommend it for anyone over the age of 18 as we understand that these wrinkles don’t occur at one particular age. Sometimes people experience these lines as early as in their twenties! The same goes for gender. In fact, lines between the eyebrows can affect men even worse than women, as they can make them look particularly angry.

People who are pregnant or on certain medications may not be right for treatment. We can advise you during your consultation on alternatives if we think you’re not a suitable candidate. We also might discover that your cosmetic concerns would be better treated with Botox and may suggest that instead.

Schedule a Consultation Today

Ready to say goodbye to the lines between your eyebrows making you look older and more worn out? Want to turn the clock back and feel more gorgeous and youthful in a matter of minutes? It’s time to figure out if Jeuveau Danville CA or Botox might be right for you and our expert staff are ready to help. To learn more, contact Eric P. Bachelor, MD, at East Bay Aesthetic Surgery in either Pleasanton, CA, or Danville, CA.

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